Tips Sukses Kuliah (Kuliah Sepenuh Hati) Ala Fans JKT48

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Di akhir semester ternyata banyak mahasiswa yang dibuat galau oleh hasil studinya selama satu semester. Mereka deg-degan, was-was, harap-harap cemas dan bertanya-tanya akan mendapatkan nilai apa untuk mata kuliah yang mereka ambil pada semester itu. Kalau kata saya mah, seperti kutipan yang saya ambil dari sebuah akun Twitter di awal tahun 2013: “Never hope harder […]

Chapter 1: Trip to San Antonio, Texas

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Fortunately, while I was here, the Center for International Education (CIE) of Baylor University has set a schedule trip to San Antonio, Texas for the international students as their program, so I could join on this trip. Just for your information, one of the CIE office program was schedule one trip each month during the […]

Chapter 1: Trip to Austin, TX

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My trip to Austin, TX on March 16, 2013, with my Indonesian friends was in order to buy some groceries, especially some Indonesian food or spices. The destination was Asian supermarket called MT Supermarket at 10901 N Lamar Blvd  Austin, TX 78753 that  sell authentic Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Vietnamese products. Just for […]

Seri Tulisan di Dailysocial: Bagaimana Universitas Memicu Inovasi

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Antusiasme, Idealisme dan Kultur: Modal Universitas di Indonesia untuk Picu Inovasi Pada tulisan ini saya akan mencoba membahas apa yang disampaikan oleh Angelina Veni: “Silicon Valley lebih dari sekedar bangunan, perusahaan, universitas – ada antusiasme di sini, idealisme, kultur.” Antusiasme, idealisme dan kultur, tiga hal yang menurut saya sekarang sangat penting bagi universitas di Indonesia […]

A day at MIT with Near-Field Communication

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This video was post to Vimeo 4 years ago, but it’s still inspiring me and I wish that we could create this application for our daily life at Indonesia. A day at MIT with Near-Field Communication from MIT Mobile Experience Lab on Vimeo. Video Description as mention in Vimeo: Future near-field communication (NFC) usages in […]

Plant Link: Listen to Your Plants by Oso Technologies

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Plant Link is a system by Oso Technology that monitors the water needs of your lawn, garden, or house plants. It alerts you when they need to be watered and can even water them for you.

Kategori Baru: Inspiration Notes

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Ide untuk menambah kategori “Inspiration Notes” di blog ini muncul setelah melihat apa yang terjadi di Baylor University, khususnya di Electronic Library Groups, School of Engineering and Computer Science dan Baylor Innovation Challenges. Mereka menyelenggarakan Webinar events, pemutaran video TED Talks, maupun pemutaran video tentang berbagai inovasi di bidang teknologi baik yang terkait dengan proses […]

Chapter 1: The City of Waco

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When the pilot told the passenger that the plane will be landing at the Waco Regional Airport,  then I look at the window and try to see what’s Waco would be looks like. For the first time, it was shocking me because all that I saw are farm. I could not imagine how the situation […]

Chapter 1: The Weather

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Before heading to Waco, TX, I was doing a little research about Waco’s weather especially in winter so I could make sure that everything is well prepared. For preparation, I brought two winter coats, ginger candy, instant ginger drink (“Jahe Wangi”) and “Sekoteng”  to face the winter. And guess what? The weather at Waco, TX […]

Chapter 1: The Food

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Finding for food is relatively difficult here if compared to Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta where I could found the food easily  because there are so many “warung” there. Although my apartment is near or in the campus area, but it was not the same with Babarsari or Jalan Kaliurang. There are no “warung” or restaurant  nearby, […]