Chapter 1: Trip to Austin, TX

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Austin Downtown

My trip to Austin, TX on March 16, 2013, with my Indonesian friends was in order to buy some groceries, especially some Indonesian food or spices. The destination was Asian supermarket called MT Supermarket at 10901 N Lamar Blvd  Austin, TX 78753 that  sell authentic Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, and Vietnamese products. Just for your information, the trip will cost about 2 hours from Waco through the Interstate 35 highway (about 90 miles away).

After bought some groceries and ate lunch at Chinese restaurant nearby the MT Supermarket, then we decide to go to the Austin Downtown. Our first destination was The Texas Capitol Building that built on late 19th century and become the physical and symbolic center of government for the State of Texas. It was a great complex with  great architecture building and park. Luckily, we could enter into the building to see around.
Me at Texas State Capitol Building

After visiting the Texas State Capitol Building then we decide to explore the downtown, especially trying to see The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences & Festivals events. Unfortunately, at that moments,  the SXSW just left the Music, Film and Interactive events only, not the Information Technology related because the events were ended a week before. But It was ok, there are still so many things to see around.

We were walking along the way and saw so many people around, both on the street or at the bar or cafe enjoy some drinks and musics. There were so many peoples queue to enter some of the event venues and one of the venue has a really long queue of peoples. There were also so many peoples that doing some performance on the street or just walking along the way like us.

After walking around, we tried to enter the Austin Convention Center to see the Music and Poster exhibition. There were so many peoples that queue here too to get a sign from 5oc (I don’t know who he is before some of my friends on Twitter or Facebook told me after I post the photo). At the musics exhibition, I saw some innovation in  music technology like Seaboard and others. Beside the musics exhibition, we also go to the posters exhibition and there were so many good posters that sell during the exhibition. I didn’t buy anything because the price was too expensive and I was not a posters maniac too 😀