Chapter 1: The Weather

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Waco, TX Interactive Weather Radar Map -
Before heading to Waco, TX, I was doing a little research about Waco’s weather especially in winter so I could make sure that everything is well prepared. For preparation, I brought two winter coats, ginger candy, instant ginger drink (“Jahe Wangi”) and “Sekoteng”  to face the winter.

And guess what? The weather at Waco, TX was unpredictable a.k.a “galau” or “labil” in Indonesia terms. It has been changing so quickly from sunny, cloudy, foggy or even rainy and vice versa. Sometimes, It accompanied with thunderstorms and wind. One thing that made me relieved was there is no snow here 😀
Waco Weather - SunnyWaco Weather - Rain
One thing that really different from Indonesia weather was the temperature. Temperature in Waco, TX was too cool for me and sometimes made me feel freeze. Although it’s sunny, but the temperature was cool, especially when it’s windy. The temperature was about 10 to 20 degree Celsius and sometimes below 5 degree Celsius. The lower temperature was -1 degree Celsius. Fortunately, there is a heater in my apartment, so It was really help me to face this.

Warm TemperatureLow Temperature