Chapter 1: The Food

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Finding for food is relatively difficult here if compared to Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta where I could found the food easily  because there are so many “warung” there. Although my apartment is near or in the campus area, but it was not the same with Babarsari or Jalan Kaliurang. There are no “warung” or restaurant  nearby, just the cafeteria or food court at some of the Baylor buildings that not opened for 24 hours. Besides American foods, here mostly are Mexican foods. There are some Asian foods but located in the downtown. And guess, all of the food here was relatively expensive if compared from Yogyakarta especially if the price converted into Rupiah 😀

Boneless Chicken Breast

So, I should cook my food by my self. What? Cooking by my self! While in Indonesia, food that I has been cook for my self were fried rice, noodles (Indomie or anything else) and egg. Panic? Absolutely. But it was OK. I believe that power of “MESTAKUNG” will work, so when I should bought some of groceries, I tried to bought some vegetables, eggs, chickens, salt, pepper and unions onions. And yeah, some of instant food absolutely 😀

Capcay Goreng Campur

As I mention above, the power of “MESTAKUNG” was work for me. I try to cook for my self and finally I could do it. How about the taste? Not bad I think, and some of the food, the taste made me surprised because it was yummy 😀 So, the lesson learned is just do it now, and believe that You can!

Pork Grilled with Potato and Brocoli