Chapter 1: The Flight

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Baylor University - Google Maps

My first chapter of this journey is at Baylor University that located at Waco, Texas – United States. To reach there I should take a long long flight absolutely. I should start my flight from Adi Sucipto International Airport (JOG) to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) for domestic flight and then continued the international flight. The international flight route was Soekarna-Hatta International Airport – Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) – Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and the last is Waco Regional Airport (ACT).

In the first flight at Adi Sucipto International Airport, I got a problem that is one of my luggage that I carry its weight was beyond the terms, so I had to unpack my luggage and pulled out some of the items to be moved to another bags. When doing this things, I am look like an insane guy in front of the Garuda Indonesia check-in counter, dooh… 😀 Really panic because It will cost so many time and I should check-in and boarding soon. Finally, I could fly to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) and landed safely, but the excess baggage problem still continued when I was check-in at the Cathay Pacific counter. Instead of doing the unpacking things, I choose to pay the excess baggage cost, huh… 🙁

Sunset from My Flight from CGK to Hongkong


After 4 hours flight from Soekarna-Hatta International Airport, finally I was landed safely at Hong Kong International Airport. Almost left my passport at the checking gate entrance when unpacking my bags. Thanks to the officer who reminded me though with slightly higher tone when says “Sir, Your passport Sir!”. This airport was amazing for me, it’s big, built with nice architecture and they also provide free Internet access. It would be a long wait for next flight to Los Angeles International Airport. At this airport, I realized that I forgot to buy a universal connector for my laptop and smartphone, sigh 🙁

Realtime Flight Map

Flight from Hong Kong International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport will took about 12 hours. Oh… I could not imagine that. It was really a long flight. What I should do at the plane? Sleep? Hope that I could sleep. The most frequently things that I do was checking the flight map on the screen and going to rest room to stretch my legs 😀 By the way, they provide meals during the flight and made my stomach full :D. Finally I was arrive safely at Los Angeles International airport, but before my plane landed, I was dazzled with the night view of downtown LA from the air. It was really cool. This was the first entrance to United States, so we must interviewed and done the document and biometry checking before enter the terminal. It would be the second long wait for next flight to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. In this airport I bought the Swiss Army Universal Connector and Burger King 😀

The next destination is Dallas Fort Worth International Airport that would be 4 hours flight. The flight was using the American Airlines and not Cathay Pacific like the past flight. O, yea, in this airport, like at Los Angeles International Airport,  before we enter the terminal gate, we must take off all of the shoes and belt, put off the laptop from the bag, put off anything from the pocket and then enter a small room that will scan all of my body 😀 By the way,  in my opinion, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport was more cool then Los Angeles International Airport, especially the architecture and facility. They had a skyline that help the passenger to travel between the terminal gate (find where is the skyline from the picture below :D)

Dallas Fort Worth International  Airport


The last flight from this trip is from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to Waco Regional Airport. The flight is using the American Eagle airlines and guess what? The passenger just less the 15 people. The plane was small and just 3 rows of seat with the maximum capacity is about 30 passenger and even I can not put in my backpack into the cabin 😀 Before the plane landed at the Waco Regional Airport, I just saw farm from my windows plane. Oh My God, I was really wonder about how the Baylor University would be, especially the vicinity.