Chapter 1: The Apartment

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The Apartment

The housing that provided to me at this fellowship program was awesome. They provide me an apartment with really great facility. There are one family room that can be used to relax watching TV and dining, two bed rooms, one bath room with bathtub, kitchen with all of the kitchen set (microwave, toaster, coffe maker, dishing wash machine, oven, refrigerator, and stove), washing machine, drying machine, two bicycles, and Internet access absolutely. Really cool isn’t It?

The Kitchen

For some of the facilities, I should read the user guide or manual before using it, because it will be my first experience hehehe… 😀 Fortunately the user guide or manual book was still there, so I could read that. Try to guess what facilities that I should read the user guide or manual book before using it or what facilities that I will never use it 😀

The Bedroom

The apartment with all of the facilities was awesome and the only one problem was I am feeling lonely at this apartment. If I could bring my family, it would be more awesome absolutely. Mama… Audrey… my apologies because I could not bring all of You here 🙁